Programme for StandUp2017

30 May

FRIDAY night 23rd June 6-9pm

Panel of people directly affected:

Elaine Peckham, Barb Shaw, Vincent Forrester

SATURDAY 24th June

8-9 breakfast

9-10: smoking/ welcome

10-11: panel: community councils, housing

11-1 workshops

a. community governance – how do we bring back control? – Ngarla Kunoth-Monks (Alekerre First Nation Cultural Trust, Utopia), Pamela and Veronica Lynch (Blacktank), Vanessa Poulson (President Karnte camp)

b.housing –what do we need and how do we get it? -Barb Shaw and Matthew Ryan (NT Aboriginal Housing)

1-2 lunch

2-3 panel: Income Management, Education

3-5 workshops

a. income management – how do we want to manage our money? – Senator Rachel Siewert (Greens)

b. education –bringing back culture and language –  Sharon Anderson (Warlpiri, Lajamanu), Valerie Patterson (Warlpiri, Lajamanu)

SUNDAY 25th June

8-9 breakfast

9-10 panel: jobs/ justice

10-12 workshops

a. jobs –how do we protect our rights? -Celeste Liddle (NTEU) (blog: Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist)

b. prisons – too many in jail – how do we work towards justice? -Dylan Voller, Vickie Roach

12-1 lunch

1-2 panel: Stolen generations/ Treaty

2-4 workshops

a. stolen generations – bringing them home – how to build a movement -Aunty Hazel

b. treaty – what do we want? -Pat Ansell Dodds (Arrernte and Anmatjere), Yingiya Mark Guyula (Yolngu MLA), Thalia Tane (Maori, Aotearoa)

MONDAY 26th June

8-9 breakfast

9-12 feedback and closing

12-1 Lunch

1-5 action



We have limited cabins for elderly/people with mobility issues, and have a campground set up less than 5 minutes walk from the Pioneer Shed for people to use. NO COST.

We will be providing 3 meals a day for people attending StandUp2017. NO COST/DONATION

We can reimburse fuel costs for travel from communities in the NT.

We are seeking volunteers to help with numerous roles such as scribes, drivers, food prep, set up and pack down, media etc.

Please contact us if you need  further details on any of the above on 0457 574419 or email: or on fb IRAG – Intervention Rollback Action Group – Alice Springs . Or comment here.

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