10 years of the intervention

10 years ago on June 21 2007 the NTER (Northern Territory Emergency Response, aka the Intervention) was announced. The legislation took control of Aboriginal land, and Aboriginal people’s money. Customary law was targeted. Government business managers were imposed on communities. People were demonised around alcohol and pornography. The Racial Discrimination Act needed to be suspended to pass the legislation.

At the same time the NT government shut down community councils, replacing them with ‘mega shires’.

The Labor government changed the name to Stronger Futures but it was the same thing.

The ten years have not seen improvements. More people are in prison, there are more people unemployed, and more children are being taken away from their families than during the Stolen Generations. Overcrowding remains high. What was the Intervention meant to achieve?

There will be a convergence from June 24 -26 2017 in Alice Springs. Barbara Shaw is calling out to people to come together to talk about it all, and work together to come up with ways to overcome these problems. We want to talk about all the issues, such as youth (in)justice and children being taken from their families.

You can see Barb’s call out at


We’d love to see you here.

Write to us if you’d like to come…     rollbacktheintervention@gmail.com

More information coming.

In solidarity,




See here Pat Ansell Dodds, a local Arrernte woman, talking about Treaty February 2017 at Telegraph Station


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