Thank you to all those who supported our Stand Up 2017 conference campaign.  A big thanks to all those who fund-raised or gave personal or political donations.  Thanks to those who helped provide printing services, those who assisted with equipment or donations of goods or food.  Thanks go to Central Land Council, Tangentyere Council, Akeyulerre Healing Centre, Pioneer Football Club, Milner Meats, and others.  And a big thanks to all the volunteers who gave time and energy to help make our conference a great success.

Funds needed

We will need considerable funds to bring people in from many communities, help with accommodation (either camping or billets, or hostels for frail/aged people), hire a venue, provide food, materials for holding workshops and so on.

Efforts to date

We have received a generous donation from supporters in Melbourne.  On 25th March we had our first fundraiser for ‘Stand Up 2017’ – 10 years of the intervention at Watch This Space. A great turn out, full house, with delicious kangaroo tail stew and damper and chai. The movie Murundak is an awesome doco of Aboriginal protest music, and we saw some shorts of contemporary conditions. Thankyou Pat Ansell-Dodds for welcome, and Barb Shaw and Sylvia Purrurle Neale for their speeches. A great night. Thanks to everyone.



We will be holding a major music event on Saturday 6th May.  Note: venue is yet to be finalised.

Line up includes Desert Divas, Warren H. Williams, Wiggles of Judas, Darwin Hip Hop duo Symbiotic, local group Karnage and Darnis, Senor Pato, DJs Wrong Banana and Bee Sting.

Further details in the near future.

If you can’t attend this event and would like to make a donation, please note our bank details on this page.






All donations, no matter how small, are very much appreciated.

Donations may be made as follows:

1- Direct Debit

Account Name: Intervention Rollback Action Group
Bank: Bendigo Community Bank
BSB No: 633-000
A/c No: 134 157 049

2- Cheques made payable to Intervention Rollback Action Group

PO Box 8488, Alice Springs, NT 0871



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