Saturday at #StandUp2017 Housing, Community Governance, Education and Income Management

24 Jun

SATURDAY : Smoking to open this morning – Panelists on Housing, Community Governance in the morning then Education and Income Management in the afternoon.
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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks on Community Governance from Utopia:

“Lets stand together, don’t let the corrupt monetary system separate us. We are one people, right from Tasmania, right up to the islands up north, we are one people. We are not going to be separated. We stand united, and when we say united we take away the trauma form our littles under us, don’t lip service and do nothing about it. No white person will try take over a our school in Utopia, no one. I will not be brought by anyone.”

Veronica Lynch on Community Governance
Arrernte, on the land rights fight for her homeland Black Tank, and the Intervention

“We moved onto a camp site onto pastoral lease, the council wanted to take us to court, we sand no we want to stay on our country. We won. They did a handover at the time. Two families got their land back and as a family group we instigated resource centre to help out people on their home land.

But since the intervention we have no voice and they don’t listen to us and have rights, the intervention is a rulebook regulated by OREC. They don’t respect out people , people on the ground. They believe in directors but we don’t believe in directors. Those directors don’t speak up for us.”

Vanessa Poulson on Community Governance

Pitinjarra women, Yuendumu roots. President of Karnte Camp.

My mother’s side has lived here for long time. I’m 34, have four kids, I am single and have raised them up for myself. When I think about the last two years, police arresting, more fines, more people locked up and no second chance, and kids don’t go to school because it is scary. Their people they don’t speak their language, and then family get fined and welfare taking more and more kids, and not looking after that family side. Taking kids away doesn’t work and takes a long time. And is no use. It happens a lot in town camps, welfare taking their kids.”

Matthew Ryan & Barbara Shaw on Housing
– from NT Aboriginal Housing Body

“Our kids are missing out on education, people say health and education. No it’s the foundation first. Get the housing. We want proper housing! Listen here, stop making decisions on behalf of us. Not you. We should have the first say not them. We come up with an idea and then they make up another idea and then scrap up our idea. Because of money? Always dictating.” – Matthew Ryan

Afternoon session:

Greens Senator Rachal Seiwert on Income Management

“Intervention – what’s it all about? We found out that people were not able to give evidence to talk to members of the committee who wanted to listen. And community assets were taken away and it quarantined 50% of peoples income support. Tangentyere were already doing income management for communities making savings. When Basics Cards were first brought in there was no plan to evaluate. No international evidence to show, the evidence we did see with Aboriginal experts said it wasn’t going to work. It was demonising, vilifying and demonising.”

Sharon Anderson on Education (Warlpiri, Lajamanu)

“In the Warlpari region trying to teach bilingual n 1982, we want to try keep bilingual education programs. To do this we need to try get people to understand. We need skills teacher linguists and teachers of English as a second language. Yapa leadership. Real honest power sharing and enough resources. We believe that our children in their first language more confident in themselves and learn more efficiently. We have seen with our own eyes to speak sing read in the mother tounge. And strong in Warlpari and English.

We know that bilingual education is an important way for families and schools and children to learn first and second language and culture. First language doesn’t just makes us strong. We have the right under the declaration of Indigenous Human Rights. Make sure you tell them to be equal with us. The government wants us to learn white people to learn but two way learning’s form yapa and kardiya.”

Yammurna Oldfield on Education from Yuendemu School

“We do cultural things, with old people every Friday, spears, humpys. We got one camp coming up and tell kids the dreaming’s, and its really good. After that we make books for literacy centre. ‘Going out camping’ title of one book.”



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