Invasion Day January 26 2017

24 Jan






There will be a rally in Mbantua Alice Springs on the courthouse lawns from 10am to midday on Thursday January 26. There will be a minute’s silence at midday.


Natasha Craigie-Braun, a local Arrernte woman  said

“We were never recognised in the Constitution, but where are our human rights? We are enslaved by a system that we do not understand. That’s why we are still continuing the fight from our forefathers”.


In the Northern Territory we have experienced the tortures in Don Dale youth detention, deaths in custody and the disproportionate rates of incarceration. This year marks 10 years of the Intervention which legislated targeted racism. What has improved? More people in jail, more people without work, more children being taken away, more services cut. The laws on grog are a joke. The exploitation of Indigenous labour is slavery. Overcrowded substandard housing remains dire.


Kirra Voller, a young Wirangu woman living in Alice Springs said

“As a young Indigneous woman, I’m only just getting in touch with my own culture because of the intergenerational trauma, and the false history I learnt in school. So far I’ve learnt that January the 26th is not a day of celebration for first nations people. It’s a day of mourning and a day to remember our ancestors past and present who fought so hard for our culture. And it’s up to us to make sure that the next generation know our stories, songlines and dreamings so they can be passed on to the generations to come so our ancestors didn’t fight for nothing.”


Anna McCauley said

“We see a lot of racist behaviour in Alice Springs coming from people who don’t even realize that what they’re saying is racist because white supremacy is the norm. And that happens when a country is based upon the dispossession and exploitation of the original culture because the other culture was seen to be inferior. Terra Nullius has been legally overridden but the Australian state continues as if it is still valid. It takes conscious unlearning to break out of this conditioning.”


Here in Mbantua Alice Springs we will be meeting in solidarity with those who are standing in resistance across the nations, welcoming anyone to come and acknowledge the Arrernte people past and present whose country we are on.


No pride in genocide.



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