rally this thursday against racist laws and racist policing

25 Mar

rally this thursday against racist laws and racist policing

If you’re in town this thursday, come along to support.
c u there!

2 Responses to “rally this thursday against racist laws and racist policing”

  1. rollbacktheintervention March 25, 2014 at 9:41 am #



    There will be a demonstration against racist laws and racist policing in Alice Springs this Thursday, March 21st.

    Aboriginal people are being racially profiled by the police. While the alcohol laws themselves allow racist targeting, the police are even abusing these powers.

    However the racism around alcohol is only one part of the racism of police in this town. Police are moving people on from public spaces and harassing people for no reason. Incarceration of adults and youths is at an all time high. Mandatory rehabilitation is punitive and has no evidence of success. The federal Stronger Futures legislation (the Intervention) has allowed this to happen and remains a racist piece of legislation.

    Organiser Stacia Chester said:
    “Stronger Futures makes us the weakest link. We’ve got our own minds, our own hearts, our own law, and we can make our own decisions for our own people.”

    Organiser Barbara Shaw added
    “The banned drinkers register saved more money for the government than having police officers guard the bottle shops. It should be reinstated. We’ve been waiting for more than 2 years to get our Alcohol Management Plan – which was initiated by our community for the community- approved by the government, a clear example of the government not listening to the people.”

    The demonstration is calling for the repeal of Section 95 of the Liquor Act which allows random searching of people and seizing of alcohol. The demonstration is also calling for the police to stop racial profiling.

    Organiser Alison Furber concluded with:
    “It’s time now for our people to unite with our friends and our supporters to come together to give this powerful message that these racist laws, this racist policing has now got to stop”

    For comment call:
    Barbara Shaw: 0401 291166
    Alison Furber: 0414 436136
    Stacia Chester: 0414 436136

    See for more details.

  2. rollbacktheintervention March 25, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

    see the call out here:

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