MARCH 27: there will be a march against racist policing and racist laws. Meet at the southern end of todd mall at 11am, and we will march to the police station. There will be a BBQ and speakers at the court house lawns afterwards.

13 Mar

racist policing march colour


No more racist policing!

Aboriginal people are being racially profiled by the police. While the alcohol laws themselves allow racist targetting, the police are abusing even these powers.

The banned drinkers register meant that it was problem drinkers who were identified. However now all Aboriginal people are being refused alcohol; it has become an alcohol apartheid town.

We are calling for the repeal of Section 95 of the Liquor Act which allows random searching of people, and seizing of alcohol on a ‘reasonable belief’ that the alcohol will be drunk on a prescribed area. But being Aboriginal should not be regarded a ‘reasonable belief’, and neither is merely living on a town camp, but these are the reasons police are using. We also call for the police to act within the law. Aboriginal people are being refused alcohol if they are from interstate, or have family in a town camp, or for no reason at all.

It is not illegal to drink.

Aboriginal people can come up with our own solutions. Alcohol management plans (AMPs) developed by communities are not being supported by the government. Town camps worked for months to develop AMPs and they have never been approved. Harm minimisation strategies are not being supported – only prohibition. This is not fair, will not work, and is racist.

The racism around alcohol is only one part of the racism of police in this town. Police are moving people on from public spaces and harrassing people for no reason. Incarceration of adults and youths is at an all time high. Mandatory rehabilitation is punitive and has no evidence of success. The federal Stronger Futures legislation (the Intervention) has allowed this to happen and remains a racist piece of legislation.


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