Invasion Day Mparntwe/Alice Springs 2014

27 Jan

Rally at Courthouse lawns.

Listen to Alison Furber talk about police brutality and sovereignty:

audio alison furber1.m4a


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And the words of Steve Gumerungi Hodder Watt..

My quasi-rhyming speech called ‘Counting Blessings/Being Thankful?!’ at the Resistance Rally in Mparntwe/Alice Springs:

I saw a Facebook post this morning that had an image of Australia and the Anglo-colonial Australian flag with a slogan attached saying that people should be thankful for what they are blessed with rather than dwelling on their misfortunes…
…so the implication is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be thankful?!… Thankful for our lot in life, thankful for all we got?!
All that’s not… ours to protect, we don’t deserve to reflect on what we don’t have, what we need but can’t grasp, what you enjoy but we yearn?!
The last thing we need is being told what to feel, how to act, what to do…
We’ve been told to do that since Captain Crook crew
rocked up & threw the Union Jack in the ground down Botany Bay;
said to his gang; “Hey, this might be alright place to stay, what’d’ya say?!
Don’t worry about the locals, they just black anyway.
Shouldn’t we negotiate a Treaty with them?
Nah, remember how much trouble we had with them Maori mobs, better classify them as Fauna,
or else next they’ll be wanting rights like us & be taking our jobs!!”

Those who’re ignorant (no matter their colour) 2 wrongs are complicit by that acceptance, as Desmond Tutu said “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” but I don’t despise those who don’t want 2 rock the boat, I pity them because they choose 2 not complicate situations 4 their own preservation…

They play the ‘good’ black & U know the ‘right’ whites got your back, “you’re 1 of the good ones, not a troublemaker…”
But either way, you’re a faker, either containing your rage, playing up on the white stage or turning your back on the ancestors pages, blocking the songs of your Sages
That’s your burden to carry but I can’t pretend when the ache inside says why must we hide, that was done to us from the day this anniversary is celebrated, since it was created, we’ve hidden, been shot, gotten ridden of, treated like snot, wrapped in tissue, flicked to the gutter, hidden, deridden, unforgiven, pushed to the camps, pushed to the missions, never given permission…
to marry, to walk, to buy, to talk…
our babies burnt in the yard like Myall Creek Massacre while the white man is exonerated like the cops who safely transported Kumana Ward, the senior sergeant who severed Cousin Murunji Doomadgee’s liver in 2, the officers who kept Kwentyaye Briscoe in protective custody…

Why would we be thankful to these ‘essential’ services that don’t mean that much 2 me, don’t instill trust in me, no accountability 2 a section of community that also pay the bills…
If us blackfellas packed up tomorrow & moved out bush, all the white businesses in town would be stuck with FA in the till…
Push-pull, push pull… like black yo-yos,
the black goose has a gander at the stolen wool,
your cup is shaken but U should be happy it’s not half full,
wave the flag 2 the bull at your peril, it’s inevitable we rise up if we’re not contained, remain the same, accept our place, try save face & not disgrace our race by trying to question why we must forget with haste or limit our choices so what we require isn’t even offered on the plate, get what your given mate, that’s your fate, you don’t get to state what should be given, what can be taken, how your community should be serviced, or even adequately.
That’s not how it works in the lucky country, you’re lucky to get what we give… even though it was already yours, so be thankful today, thankful your not in lockup out at green bush, or in a grave, or just be thankful your not historically obsessed,
try to forget words like MLK said “Freedom is never given by the oppressor but demanded by the oppressed.

Oh yeah, I also support Constitutional Recognition… recognition in a new Constitution for a new Republic of Australia because there is no ‘Common wealth’ while we continue to hold hands with a Monarchy so far away in so many ways. That’s Stolenwealth…

There’s no common wealth when there’s so much corporate wealth, no social wealth when our alleged leaders support hate wealth & privilege wealth.

Give us our Treaty, no, don’t give us, we’ll give you our Treaty and take our Sovereignty back and you give us our Republic. Then we will write our own pages in the new constitution, give due recognition to the Frontier Wars, the Stolen Generations, the Suicide Generations that continue now, the failures of consecutive governments and policies that continue to rack & stack in the jails for tedious breaches. Make the foundations to build a new nation where we don’t accept that fumbling to fix with tried & failed tricks are the only bricks, & where funding the bureaucrats continues to be the only box that’s ticked.
Let’s write the new pages where Multiculturalism has an obvious place, everyone can be included then. We can have a Charter of Rights, give freedom of speech & protect against hate speech.
So next time you hear someone say in reference to Australia Day; “be thankful for what U have been blessed with, not your misfortunes”… Ask them if they showed any gratitude to Indigenous people…
We won’t forget the past, it is our being, our cultures are built on recognising the past, it is the legacy. It always was and always will be… but also remember, it always is…

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