18 May


21st June 2013 will mark six years since the Federal Government’s intervention into Aboriginal communities and living areas in the Northern Territory.  ‘concerned Australians’ has worked closely with individuals from those communities over the years and has published several books over those years including the latest “A Decision to Discriminate”.

Following is a recently written article outlining the reality of the on-the-ground impact of the devastating policies the are scheduled to continue for another nine years.

Striking the Wrong Note


Impact of Stronger Futures Filming Notice



MR DPP re Briscoe case 8.1.13


APARTHEID AT BORROLOOLA – a disappointing Christmas for some


Please support the family of Kwementyaye Briscoe who died in custody in the Alice Springs Watchhouse earlier this year.

A rally held in Alice Springs on Friday 5th October called for charges to be laid against the police responsible who were found by the coroner to have shown a lack of duty of care.

Following is a facts sheet titled “Justice for Kwementyaye Briscoe”.

Briscoe fact sheet

The following letter is being circulated by the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning for endorsement by organisations.

Briscoe letter for endorsement

There is also a petition which can be printed and circulated throughout the community.


We ask the Australian community to stand up and demand Justice for Mr Briscoe and for an end to deaths in custody.


Media release 20 September 2012 for immediate release

Lay charges for Briscoe death

Prominent human rights lawyer George Newhouse is calling for charges to be laid against NT police for the death of Kwementyaye Briscoe in an Alice Springs watch house.

In his findings delivered on Monday, NT Coroner Greg Cavenagh found that police negligence was responsible for Mr Briscoe’s death, but did not recommend charges.

Mr Newhouse is acting for the Briscoe family in the aftermath of the coronial inquest. He says that charges are essential, both for ensuring basic justice and to send a message that this conduct is unacceptable and will be punished.

He has briefed a QC in Sydney on the case, seeking an opinion on appropriate criminal charges and potential civil action.

“The coronial inquest has provided us with the truth about the Briscoe case – now we need to see justice.”

“Coroner Cavenagh was clear that responsibility for Mr Briscoe’s death lies at the feet of police. If it was not for their callous indifference to the wellbeing of this vulnerable man, who had been taken into their care against his will, Mr Briscoe would be alive today.”

“I believe this extreme level of negligence is criminal. It is important that the DPP review the case immediately and lay charges against the appropriate officers”.

“Aboriginal Australians continue to die in custody in shameful numbers. Yet not a single police officer has ever been convicted. We can not let Mr Briscoe be just another statistic. The deaths must stop – justice must be seen to be done”.

Contact: Geroge Newhouse 0422 255 109


Report of the NT Co-ordinator General for Remote Services, Olga Havnen, into her findings – link to this report available under “Resources/Info”.

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